SPC holds online volunteer teaching programme for students in Shanxi province

Release date:2022/10/17
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This summer, 22 students from Shiu Pong College and four students from the Honours College completed the Shanxi online voluntary teaching programme from 23 to 28 May 2022. Because of the epidemic, the voluntary team had to overcome the difficulty of not being able to teach in person in Shanxi province. However, they immediately adjusted their strategy and brought excellent online courses to the children who study in the Boai School located in Feng Village, Qingyuan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. The outstanding performance of the team members has been unanimously recognized by the headmaster and teachers from Boai School.


Shanxi Service Learning Trip is one of the long-term experiential learning projects of SPC. Project preparation starts at the beginning of each year. Led by resident fellows, the SPC team teaches at the Shanxi Boai School during summer. In the process of volunteer teaching, the team members’ ability to solve problems, the awareness of teamwork and the spirit of self-dedication can be greatly improved.