MLC members volunteer at the city-wide nucleic acid test stations

Release date:2022/10/17
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A new COVID-19 outbreak emerged in Macao on 18 June. In order to support the Macao SAR government's pandemic prevention and control work, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) teachers and students actively participated in the voluntary work at the city-wide nucleic acid stations under the coordination of the University of Macau.

MLC Associate Master Gary Fung Ka Wai - Since last year, I have been a member of the nucleic acid test station volunteer team organized by UM. It is our responsibility as citizens to stand on the frontline to serve our community. Finally, I would like to thank all the frontline workers who are working against the spread of the pandemic.


Student Chong Sio Un - After participating in the fifth round of nucleic acid testing volunteer activity, I understand more about the efforts of frontline staff and volunteers. I also learned a lot in the process.


Student Chan Sin Ieng - It was my first time to support the Macao government as a volunteer, to fight against the epidemic and to contribute to the society. In this work, I was responsible for managing the orderly flow of people. Since we were working in a caring station, there were many elderly or disabled people who needed extra assistance, but Macao residents still kept order and made the whole process of nucleic acid testing flow smoothly, which really made me feel comforted.


Student Lei Leong Wang - Even though being a volunteer may gain no rewards, however I think that the word ‘thank you’ from Macao residents is already the biggest reward for us.