About UMDF

Established as an administrative public utility person in 2009, the University of Macau Development Foundation (hereinafter the UMDF or the Foundation) aims at supporting and facilitating the University of Macau (hereinafter UM or the University) to attain its academic and educational goals; making it competitive locally and internationally and achieve sustainable development. 

The University of Macau is the sole beneficiary of the Foundation. Donations to the UMDF are classed according to the donor’s wishes as general endowment or designated endowment/fund for specific uses including research, scholarship, project or campus development, etc.

With the collective support of all sectors of society, the Foundation has been developing steadily since its inception in 2009. As of Sep 30, 2020, the grand total of donation over the years amounts to MOP1.45 billion, and its net asset value is at MOP1.68 billion. 

Looking back the past years, the Foundation has carried out a range of tasks to support the University’s development. The UMDF revised its Charter in 2016 to ensure that its functioning and activities are closely related to UM. Also, the Foundation has gradually expanded the funding areas and scope for the University to promote its development in all aspects.

 UMDF Annual Report