Stories of beating COVID-19 outbreak in Africa

Release date:2021/03/02
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In its high table dinner, the Shiu Pong College invited Dr Lei Wai Seng and Dr Miu Chi Fong from the Conde de São Januário General Hospital to speak about their experience in combating the COVID-19 pandemic as members of the China International Medical Emergency Team (Macao) in Africa. Firstly, Dr Lei introduced the formation process of the team, in which the members received training for international accreditation. In 2019, the team was accredited by the World Health Organisation, thus becoming a medical team with recognised capability to support emergencies and rescue missions at an international level.


Secondly, Dr Miu shared the team’s COVID-19 response efforts in Africa. The team members provided local medical personnel with training in pandemic prevention and control and engaged in academic exchanges with them. He encouraged students to strive to do their best to become a role model and influence the people around them with their own personal experience. During the speeches, the speakers showed valuable pictures from their trip to Africa, which left a deep impression on the students.


Date: 26 November 2020