Learning Miao culture and folk songs in Xiangxi

Release date:2021/03/02
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Prof Liu Hongyong and PhD candidate Wu Fang of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature were invited to Shiu Pong College for giving a talk on Miao Folk Songs in Xiangxi and Miao Culture. Prof Liu provided some background information on Miao culture. He mentioned that Miao folk songs used to play an important role in exchanging thoughts and feelings among the Miao people. However, with the development of society, only a small number of Xiangxi Miao people nowadays could sing Miao songs like their parents. Since the Miao language did not have a writing system, people could only use Chinese characters with similar pronunciations to record the lyrics of Miao songs. This oral culture was found to be highly endangered now and in need of conservation. As a Miao girl who was born and raised in Xiangxi Miao and Tujia Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province, Wu introduced two traditional Miao folk songs and explained that the lyrics mostly express admiration, appreciation and encouragement. She also talked about the marriage customs of the Miao people. Prof Liu and Wu gave us a comprehensive picture on the unique Miao Culture and expanded the audience’ understanding of traditional Chinese culture.


Date: 27 October 2020