Cementing Sino-Luso relations

 Foster Chi-Por Bilingual Professionals 

The University is dedicated to supporting the SAR government in helping Macao become a service platform for commercial and trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. With this in view, the UMDF supports the university’s efforts to nurture Chinese-Portuguese bilingual talents. Annually, around 30 undergraduate students from the Department of Portuguese of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are provided funding to join the Study Abroad Programme of the Bachelor programme of Portuguese Studies. The programme aims to sharpen participants’ Portuguese language skills, enhance cultural awareness and develop a global perspective, and hopes to develop Macao into a training hub for Chinese-Portuguese bilingual talents.


 Expand China-PSCs platform 

In support of UM collaboration and interaction with Portuguese-speaking countries (PSCs), the UMDF encourages the university to work with tertiary institutions and organisations in PSCs to organise activities such as exchange and research projects, academic and research training, forums and seminars.