Funding Updates

University of Macau Development Foundation supports the University of Macau to promote the development of Industry-Academia-Research


The University of Macau Development Foundation (hereinafter the UMDF or the Foundation) aims at supporting and facilitating the University of Macau (hereinafter UM or the University) to attain its academic and educational goals; making it competitive locally and internationally and achieve sustainable development.


Supporting UM to promote the development of Industry-Academia-Research is one of the important initiatives of UMDF. In recent years, with the support from the Macau SAR Government, UM has been devoted to promote the development of Industry-Academia-Research, so as to achieve the goals of accelerating the transfer of scientific research outputs, promoting Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation and developing a diversified economy of Macau. Concerning this, UMDF had granted the first batch of outstanding entrepreneurial teams incubated at Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of UM with start-up funds in January 2019, for encouraging youths to put their innovative ideas into practice and establish their own business, hence cultivating exceptional innovative and entrepreneurial talents.


According to the resolution of UMDF, part of the investment profit of UMDF will be allocated to invest on UM start-ups with certain market potential. The relevant investment shall not exceed 5% of the Foundation’s assets (approximately MOP 74 million according to the current allocation). UMDF is not solely taking consideration from a commercial perspective to make the relevant investment, but is aiming at supporting UM to further promote the development of industry-academia-research, and the commercialization of the University’s research outputs.