The first High Table Dinner in 2018/2019 of the Chao Kuang Piu College (CKPC)

Release date:2018/12/27
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On 10 October, the CKPC held its first 2018/2019 High Table Dinner which was joined by over 200 college students. The world-renowned Beijing Modern Dance Company performed and interacted with the students at the event. With the topic of ‘The Road of Dancers’, Ms. Gao Yanjinzi, artistic director of the dance company, shared her inspiring stories of art innovation and dance beyond tradition. At the dinner, dining tables were turned into stages where the dancers performed modern dance with the students. Dr. Lau Yun-Tung, the college master, encouraged the students to dance with their lives by being more open-minded and pursuing their career and life goals with enthusiasm and optimism.