Walk with children with Down syndrome

Release date:2021/03/02
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Earlier in the semester, the Chao Kuang Piu College (CKPC) recruited volunteers for a group to care for children with Down syndrome, one of the most vulnerable groups in society. The volunteers first visited the Macau Down Syndrome Association in November. They designed games to play with 12 children with Down syndrome to establish friendship and trust with them. To take better care of these children, each volunteer paired with two to three children and brought them flower pots to decorate. They decorated the pots with much patience, and filled them with soil and seeds carefully. The plants marked the starting point of their connections.


The volunteer team re-visited these children right before Christmas and taught them handicrafts, namely making Christmas houses and folding paper. Before leaving the association, the volunteers gave the children candies and chocolate as gifts, wishing them a Merry Christmas filled with warmth and love.