Student growth & college life

 Encourage Learning 

With the support of UMDF, UM has been offering grants to students, which enables them to stay focused on their studies and enjoy their college life. UM has been adhered to the donor’s wishes and the Foundation’s purpose to present awards to students with outstanding academic performance and significant contributions to community, and to provide financial aid to students in need.


 Support Whole-person Education 

The residential college (RC) system provides an opportunity for students from different backgrounds in terms of culture, language and education to live and grow together, and thereby learn to tolerate, respect and embrace differences. The UMDF allocates funds in accordance with the donors’ wishes and actual operational needs of the RCs to promote the philosophy of whole-person education in the University of Macau. This includes subsidising the day-to-day operations of the RCs, offering scholarships, and organising exchange programmes and academic lectures.


Also, the UMDF awards scholarships to students from the 10 RCs, who demonstrate excellence in community and peer education. The residential colleges offer a residential experience that complements the formal curriculum and classroom instruction in order to achieve optimal educational outcomes. This helps students cultivate soft skills including gaining a global perspective, team-spirit, self-management and leadership skills.


 Support Student Activities 

The UMDF also supports student associations in organising meaningful extra-curricular activities. This would help cultivate the skills and abilities of student leaders in all aspects and further promote the whole-person education of the University.